What’s important to people is not the same for Government

There are times in life when you feel like, on the whole, things are good. When it comes to being a family, two things are important than the rest – health and happiness. The problem with this is both are so fragile and unpredictable. 

The anxiety inducing thing about life is you never know what is around the next corner. One minute everything is fine, within the next it could be devastated. 

This is the tough thing about being a parent – you don’t dare count your blessings.

But what you can do is savour the moment and hope you will have many more moments.

This is universal regardless of religion, culture, country of origin and anything else that distinguishes one human being from another. What is wrong is that this right to health and happiness is not universal.

Which is why charities, such as UNICEF, exist to protect vulnerable children. If you asked any charity what was the biggest threat to happiness and health they would respond with poverty. If you asked any global charity what could be done to tackle poverty they would answer ‘fight climate change’. 

Yet this is low down the priority list of most Governments. In the UK it s even further down the list. According to them, what will really save lives and protect people’s wellbeing is reducing the deficit.

Makes complete sense if you are George Osborne, or a Tory voter.

As you have guessed by now, this blog is completely for Unicef and completely against the conservatives.

Thanks for reading. 


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