Working parent guilt

I have a bad case of working mum’s guilt.

The straw that broke the camels back was when my daughter said to me that apparently “everyone’s parents were at the art show today” apart from hers. It was during school hours, we received one email about it, we are both limping to Christmas in terms of holiday allowance to try and cover off as much of it as we can. Despite these valid justifications I still felt inferior, a’sub-parent’.

The majority of parents in our area fall into two groups – those whose spouse earns a packet do they can stay at home and those who can’t afford to work because the childcare far exceeds their pay. This will only get worse as the cuts to tax credits deepen.

(just as an aside I find it utterly gauling that many of the people who voted Tory are retired and earning more through their pension than people in work). 

As one MP articulately put it in parliament today “working people will fall into debt to get the country out of debt” yes Osborne is a w***** of the highest rank. I can’t bear to look at his smug face. 

But going back to my personal bitterness at not being there to scoop up every disappointment my daughter suffers, my only option is to just say ‘tough’ (but put in a nicer way). 

They say working parents are good role models but so far trying to do both jobs just brings out the worst in me and…..apparently… daughter.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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