For Fareed

Another war, another child tragically lost.

Six year old Fareed from Yemen died because he was playing in an area of conflict, caught up in a web of fundamental disagreements with horrifically violent consequences.

What makes you sick to the stomach is the thought of a child coming into a violent world, unable to enjoy the good things in life because adults are too hellbent on destruction. There is a video that shows Fareed giving a child’s view of pain and war – the chilling words “don’t bury me”. He later died. Six years of a tender life ended with violence at the hands of grown-ups.

Over the centuries it has been children that have suffered the most during wars. Those who are born without prejudice, hate and aggression suffer the consequences of prejudice, hate and aggression that exist in the world.

It is deeply, deeply sad.

Yet we continue.

This blog is for UNICEF in its effort to protect children like Fareed from the worst the world holds.

Thanks for reading. 


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