Female camaraderie…and a bit of champagne

I missed a blog post last night so another £1 in the pot to UNICEF.

I spent the evening experiencing a bit of female bonding over a bizarre mix of beer and champagne. We clarified a few misleading rumours, critiqued our children’s school and prospective secondary schools and shared stories on weddings, proposals and everything inbetween. It was an interesting mix of experiences, from proposals in front of future in laws to Tiffany rings hidden in Gucci handbags (how the other half lives).

The general consensus was the joy and gripes of being a woman, no matter what your income bracket. Fundamentally we were enjoying no holds barred company with none of the snobbishness or social climbing that you tend to find among parents. It was refreshing.

It was also how it should be.

I am leaving this crowd soon and despite hardly seeing them because of work, I will miss the ‘Mum’s camaraderie’.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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