Twice the sunshine

My asthma has returned in later life. I managed to kick it into check in my younger years but now it has returned.

Not a daily issue for me. Often I have to dust off my inhalers when colds strike, but even so it’s a blight on my otherwise healthy record.

I spent the day helping a relative of mine (on hubbys side) chase after toddler twins who were destined for either a nearby ditch/lake or very deep puddle.

If one has what the other one wants he just rugby tackled him to the ground – there is no delicacy in the request, no skirting round the issue. I am stunned at how physical they are with one another and how different they are in personality despite being identical in appearance.

What makes them more amusing is their Russian/English burble that sounds like an Eastern European minion. They only have one speed, which is to run fast and they crawl over anything that gets in their path. One of them is like a gymnast, one moment he is standing on top of a garden toy car, precariously balancing on the roof. The next he has, in a matter of seconds, scaled a tall climbing frame and fallen through the scramble net, crying not at having experienced a bump but at the fact he dropped his toy car. Once the car us returned he grins and hurtles off towards the next thing that will take me and his mother by surprise.

Twins, like any children, are a fascinating feat of nature. Their mothers are amazing. My relative holds down a full-time legal career too and has a slightly older son – she can be forgiven the odd yawn on a Sunday. In fact, if I knew her better I would have offered her the chance to take a nap while I chased the twins round the garden…….but being a mummy self I confess to having one eye open and one eye shut relaxing in the last of the sunshine while chaos happens and ringer draws in.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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