Busy bullshit

My daughter came back from School today miffed that once again she lost a chance to be on School Council. Since reception this has been a goal – she is now in a Year 5. In previous years the children have voted for two council reps per class, but because the boys are popular – boys vote for boys and girls vote for boys….it has always been boys rather than girls that have got the top spot (and we wonder why it’s been a struggle to get a woman in the PM role since Thatcher and the US are even more behind than that..).

Anyway aside from the fundamental girl’s Lib issue, this year the new teacher decide to vote for her own student council reps. Unfortunately my daughter was on the wrong side of the teacher’s sense of humour when the teacher said – ‘you will be OK if you don’t mention kidnapping babies’….so my daughter says ‘kidnapping babies’ – she was immediately lumped onto the school political cast-off pile. 

With every generation you hope things will progress but it appears often the same old mistakes are repeated. The younger generation witnessing the same balls up.

What they have that we thirty somethings didn’t have as children of the 80s was this constant busyness, extra-curricular activities and so on. We are now ultra busy parents too busy to help out with the lives of our busy children. It’s what I would call ‘busy bullshit’ and this blog in The New York Times sums it up beautifully The ‘Busy’ Trap – The New York Times

The ‘Busy’ Trap – The New York Times

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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