Relinquishing rural for road and rail

We have sold our house.

Why is it so easy to put a house on the market, but when it does sell, you suddenly become sentimental about it and start to mentally list the things you will miss.

My son was born in this house on a Wednesday evening, the same day as bell practice at the church on the end of our road. On his first night while he lay in his crib I listened to the bells ringing and fantasised they were ringing for him. Every Wednesday I get that musical reminder of the day he was born. I will miss that. 

My daughter’s welly boot footprint in the cement of the front drive, when she didn’t hear Daddy trying to stop her walking across the wet cement – I will miss that too. 

Hearing nothing but the dawn chorus, or a pin drop, the sunsets across fields, all things I will miss about being out in the sticks. 

But reality has hit home now our jobs have changed and we need to be closer to civilisation – roads and rail. 

This blog is for UNICEF

Thanks for reading. 


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