Impotent UK politics for refugees

Today I helped a story that doesn’t exist – one of ‘helping’ refugees but not really helping. 

The press coverage on the refugee crisis is making changes but as far as the UK is concerned, it’s superficial. Full credit to those cramming camper vans and lorries to deliver aid to refugee camps. But that’s not helping those Syrian refugees stuck in Greece and Turkey and Hungary. It certainly won’t prevent more deaths of young children.

The chattering classes are doing things to help but does it mask what real help should be for the refugees? Does it just help the politicians yo do something that is ‘visible to the public’ but actually scratch beneath the surface and not very much is being pledged at all.

The strength of public opinion is powerful but only if it continues yo push for more and doesn’t settle for half-hearted action.

That is my conclusion of the Government’s response so far.

This country could learn from Merkel and learn from Germany.

This blog is for UNICEF


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