Another brick in the wall

First day back at school and already it has been written off. Daughter doesn’t like new teacher who sounds like 5 notches down from Miss Trunchbull in the discipline stakes. While she explains why she was to,d off on our sofa, baby boy just reclines in a super relaxed pose while watching shoo you doo munching an apple. It’s OK for him he goes to Pre School and spends his day playing with toys, play dough, sand or painting, not the intricacies of teaching psychology (in other words how to work with a teacher who is always one step away from putting you outside the classroom).

I think outside the classroom (the order) is a very very worst case scenario and occurs when the teacher has failed. Teaching is easier if they aren’t even in the room to learn after all. 

I’m also trying to sew up the hangover issues from the last teacher who reduced her handwriting confidence from top of the class in Year 3 to barely joining anything up at all by the end of Year 4. It only took a couple of misinterpreted words and my daughter abandoned her handwriting completely. This teacher had just come out of teacher training college. She used words like ‘silly’ to explain a mistake. I wonder if the training they receive covers child psychology and how to leverage self esteem and confidence as well as achievement – after all the two are inextricably linked.

On a lighter note, have just started reading Gill Hornby’s The Hive – a humour pus must read for anyone who has spent anytime observing adult behaviour in the primary school environment – playground politics to fundraising fury and disgruntled teachers – makes you realise there are other people out there who find the behaviours of some ridiculous.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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