Balloons and a backwards rural society

The sun was here today and we were blessed with a perfect blue and cloudless sky. Everyone is happier on days like these, particularly the children. Our next door neighbour’s daughter hopped over the fence to bounce on the trampoline with our two and dig for treasure in the sandpit dressed up as pirates.

Later we took a trip to the next village to see a hot air balloon festival, about 15 balloons took to the skies all a myriad of colours – once again lifting everyone’s spirits. A skydiver actually jumped from a balloon when it was a tiny dot on the horizon and landed perfectly on the village green to the background music of ‘land of hope and glory’. It was a very British scene and a little too idyllic. One or two punk rockers or goths would have helped mix it up a bit so it didn’t look so much like a cheesy working title film – where everyone is middle class and talks like Hugh Grant or ‘Bridge’.

Pockets of rural England seem to lack something, like they are being left behind compared to the multi-cultural towns and cities in other parts of the country. With, quite often, background attitudes to match. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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