A world that shows compassion not regret when it’s too late

It is easy to hide from the news. I don’t tend to buy newspapers, I don’t like watching the television news and I occasionally stumble upon the news when I am listening to the radio.

And I work in a news environment….

So at work I have no choice. In front of a computer screen for 8 hours I see headlines. 

With the refugee crisis (finally journalists have started to refer to the people fleeing their countries as refugees rather than ‘migrants’) there was no escape from the brutal and deeply tragic reality of families desperate to get a future for their children. No one takes    A journey across rough seas in a little inflatable boat in darkness without believing that is there best chance for life. 

Europe’s leaders have turned their back on a war that has uprooted so many people from so many countries – on a scale not seen since the Second World War. 

What I am heartened by is the public outcry, finally there is the public response that has been long overdue. It’s just incredibly sad it takes a picture of a dead child to inspire people to take action. If Aryan’s death and that of his brother had been reported in writing, would the strength of response been as great. It is easier to turn your back on words. Pictures remain in the public consciousness far longer. It could have been your child – no one should be in a situation where risking their child’s life is the only option.

Let’s hope this public response is not fickle and that there is finally a change in thinking. Let’s move away from this anti-migrant, anti-Europe, population control mentality. The world is smaller, we are a global society and morally times have and should have changed. Let’s share and show compassion for people, wherever they are, who need protection. 

I would like to think others would help us if we were faced with civil war – for we are all a few wrong political decisions away from creating a world we’d regret.

This blog is for UNICEF – who protect vulnerable children worldwide regardless.

Thanks for reading. 


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