News stories should avoid the m word

Some interesting UK headlines today:

Cycling injuries increase
CTC, the national cycling charity, has warned an increasing number of cyclists are being injured on crumbling roads as councils are taking too long to repair potholes. Its study found that 17 councils fixed only 1 in 10 problem roads while the majority, some 168, repaired less than half. The worst offenders were rural councils. For cyclists, potholes aren’t mere inconveniences. They’re a real blight, where even the most minor defects can lead to serious, life-changing injuries,” CTC’s Sam Jones reflects.The Times, Page: 16

Primary results improve

The government has announced that the performance of children in England in tests at the end of primary school has edged upwards. More pupils than ever have achieved the literacy and maths scores needed for secondary school, according to figures from the DfE. The results of this year’s tests, taken in May by all 11-year-old state school pupils, show a one percentage point rise in those meeting the standard in mathematics (to 87%) and two percentage points in writing (to 87%). Scores in the grammar, punctuation and spelling test rose to 80%, while attainment in reading was unchanged on the year before, at 89%. In total, 80% of pupils achieved the required “Level Four” standard or above in all subjects. However, schools minister Nick Gibb said schools in some council areas had underperformed. He announced a crackdown on councils, including Medway, Poole, Luton, Doncaster and Bedford, whose schools had performed poorly. The Times, Page: 13 The Times BBC News

Street name trends

Green has replaced ‘Church’ as the most popular new street name, according to a study by family history website Ancestry. Historically, titles such as Road, Street and Lane have been the most popular choice. Today Mews, Close and Court are the common choices. Researchers believe this has been driven by the rise of housing estates. Daily Mail, Page: 23

Top of the headlines however is the continued human tragedy of deaths on a large scale of desperate people trying to flee their dangerous countries. I refuse to use the ‘m’ word as it has become a derogatory term that seems to dilute the value of human life and the right to self preservation free from persecution. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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