proud news

If ever you need to sell something, you get it looking so good you could buy it all over again. This is particularly true when selling a car or a house. In our case we are selling our house. So my husband and I worked like demons today doing the work. One painted while the other kept baby boy entertained while surreptitiously sorting through rather too many toys. My daughter was at Grandmas in a shopping trip. After we were done, one of the main reception rooms gleamed with a new paint job, but despite bags and bags of toys ready for the charity shop, the pile in the toy basket had not diminished.

But the big news headline of the day is that baby boy has cracked cycling! Yes, in addition to balancing on a bike he can now pedal (albeit a little inconsistently and with the odd wobble). I have to confess to resorting to sergeant major tactics to get him to put the effort in when he was so close to getting it. But it was such a relief (both for him and me) when the Eureka moment happened. I remember going through the same process with my father and he did get a little frustrated with me, as I did with baby boy, but the overwhelming positivity when his little feet made a 360 degree turn as opposed to 180 pushed away any negative thoughts and made the struggle worth it. 

The main sentence that baby boy repeated when he came home to report the news to daddy and sister was that ‘ mum is very proud of me’. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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