Relating to Lady Oracle

I often find the best books on holiday.mi happen upon them. Last year it was in an old telephone box on a campsite re-used as a library. This year it was in the tiny launderette of a marina. 

I saw the words Margaret Atwood and knew instantly I struck gold. It’s called Lady Oracle and it is a comforting yet occasionally disturbing and enthralling read.

Not for the first time my kindle has been cast aside for the tangible feel of paper and the satisfying fold of a book over that has been held by lots of people on its travels.

Now I will resume the final pages before I sleep.

I will also try to hypnotise myself not to consume only biscuits for dinner tomorrow. Despite this week’s unhealthy eating I still look in the mirror to check the impact is not too great. I’m allowed one relapse surely? Like virtually all women I will continue my unhappy obsession with body image until the grave.

This blog is for UNICEF thanks for reading. 


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