cloudy with a chance of tantrums – but the view looks good from here

Sorry for the downtime – on the plus side oodles of pounds to UNICEF in missed blog posts. I had no wifi on the water but was writing posts in my head as the days went by…

I am now on a mission to sort my job life out now social work is not an option. On the plus side I have the third independent visitor meeting this week to find out more about the application process. My homework as to let all the milestones in my life – it’s a good exercise to put it in paper – I recommend it.

Having two children on a boat for two weeks has tad challenges. The odd moment of hysteria and cabin fever. An unplanned splash by my older child ( do t want to think what would hav happened had it been my younger one…..swim lessons start again in earnest this Saturday). I confess to the odd tantrum – mainly over trying to keep my sanity over boat cleanliness, sibling fights and a hot boat engine. But it is, as they say, character building. Nothing a quick glance at the beautiful sea scenery can sort out. The country looks its best when viewed from the water. Mainly because you can see for miles around you with hardMy anyone or thing obstructing your vision. Thus good for the soul.

This blog is for the brilliant and amazing charity UNICEF – looking after vulnerable children worldwide.

Thanks for reading. 


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