Playing peepo with the sun

Apparently over the next couple of weeks, Britain is set to have a heatwave, one of the highest recorded since records began for late August.

It’s like the country’s weather system is blowing a big fat raspberry in my face after two weeks of holiday spent mainly in the rain. The days it was good were theweekends – thats not fair either….I take two weeks off work and the best weather is to be had at the weekends. This is beyond a joke.

I am now imagining my return to work when I will step outside for my lunch break into baking hot sun with lots of people sunbathing by the river near where I work as I take my hours break before returning to my office that has windows so high you can only see the sky – a bit like a prison….

Bloomin’ Britain. That’s why most of us are classed as ‘eccentric’ because we have to tolerate this interminable weather!

This soggy blog from the shoreline is for UNICEFUNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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