On holiday. …we think..

I am shattered. My head throbs where I bashed it on a low ceiling, my eyes are about ready to close and my mind us reminding me that despite an emotional day, technically we are on holiday.

I have never experienced such dramatic highs and lows as when, as a family, we are on a boat. First it was loading up the tender with all the bits and bobs for a family of four plus two dogs, then transferring that onto the boat, then finding a space to Moor for the night. Then trying to sleep through the night, then trying to get the cooker working the following morning for breakfast, trying to stop the children killing each other.

Then I had to try and stop me killing my husband when he was struggling with an engine problem for hours while we were endlessly bobbing up and down in the harbour trying to entertain a toddler who just wanted to hurtle round the boat falling in at a moments notice. Then I had to nurse the boat engine to the marina, constantly feeding it water to stop it overheating while hubby navigated local waterways. Did I forget to mention what a lovely day it was outside and how hot it was down below with an overheating engine. .

But one look outside the porthole of a stunning view took the edge off the struggle and wine helped to dull the onset of madness provoked by a stir crazy toddler.  Now u am writing this snuggled in a sleeping bag on deck while daughter  sleeps next to me on the port side and an exhausted baby boy is snuggled in the V berth. Hubby is putting up a TV screen down below while our 2 jack Russells continue to doze, in denial they are afloat.

Every now and again there is a worryingly big splash as some rather large fish, I presume, rise up to the surface.

I am hoping this holiday we will have a moment to relax and enjoy one another’s  company.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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