Just me and the children – time is precious

Enjoyed a fabulous day just me and the children on a day trip to Madame Tussaud’s. We did well on our 2 for 1 deal through SW trains and baby boy was free so made it possible for us to go otherwise too expensive. 

Although we had to queue for an hour to get in, the time flew by with my children having fun with some Japanese students who were particularly taken with baby boy’s cheeky behaviour. They took a fabulous Polaroid pic of us all for us to keep as a memento and my daughter now wants a Polaroid for Christmas so she can create a gallery on her bedroom wall like the one with the Japanese girl showed her on her phone. 

Baby boy was completely unphased by the experience of posing next to wax models and having his picture taken. He particularly liked Angelina Jolie although wasn’t sure about Iron Man. I was a bit worried when he climbed on top of Spider Man but the model held out under his weight!

The whole day was an experience – going in the train, riding on the underground. As long as I kept their blood sugar level up they weren’t bothered by lots of people and the odd queue.

I was just glad I had resisted requests to join friends and kept it as me and the children – gave me a chance to literally drink them up and the whole experience of being a parent – very precious times that I know will not last long as they are growing up fast!

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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