Fighting tides and tears

Sorry for the lack of blog post last night but I had no internet access as we were staying overnight on the boat – just because we could.

We fell asleep at a slight angle (because we got caught out trying to beat a retreating tide alongside the jetty) along with the nightly calls of the local wildfowl and the slight hint if petrol fumes as the quarter berths were near the engine. But one glance out the porthole to see a sun setting behind a scene of boat Nast silhouettes made it worth it. Baby boy said ‘look at all the colours’ when he saw the sun set and I realised he hasn’t been up late enough to enjoy a sunset before.

Today as the weather was grotty we went to the cinema and popped to the shops to upgrade our daughter’s school lunch bag and school bag, busy zips and too many stains that won’t disappear after a year of being slung on the ground in bus stop queues and the playground.

We say the Disney Pixar film Inside Out. It is amazing – I don’t care how old you are, what sex you are or whether you have children or not – this is a Must see film. I gave to confess I was mildly annoyed that I was crying three quarters of the way through – Disney know how to ‘get me’ every time. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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