What a roller coaster ride this week has been. Began today on a high after having a good meeting with the social worker last night, then welcoming Mum in the morning who I knew would have a fab day looking after the children. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing your children are 100% happy spending time with their granny. Baby boy didn’t hesitate to say goodbye to me this morning.

The working day went well as dull jobs go. Then the in-laws came round. They are lovely people but I detect their slight disapproval at me giving up a job to go into social work. They are the type of people who hold earning buckets of money in high regard, as their eldest daughter has proven. So social work they just don’t really get. 

My happiness escaped like the air from a balloon to the point where once again, I felt close to tears. I haven’t been like this for a long time and I don’t understand it. Does wanting to be in social work matter so much to me? I am scared of the consequences if I can’t do it either and that is where my sadness stems from. 

For many people who hit their mid thirties you look into the time between now and retirement and think……does something need to change? Life is too short to put up when you can get out.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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