letting it out …

Sometimes all you need is a damn good cry. I finished a rubbish day of work, a day when I had feelings as down as if they weighed with concrete. At times I just felt like breaking down in tears which is very unlike me. If it’s time of the month then I don’t like how hormones have the ability to alter your mood by that much. It was beyond control.

So when I went into the changing rooms to get my biker gear on, before I put my helmet on I had a good cry. It worked. Then when I got on the bike I twisted the throttle, lifted the visor and let the rush of wind blast my tears away. Then the tune ‘wings’ from Brokeback Mountain started to play on my phone I was set off again.

This emotional state was not good considering I was about to meet up with the social worker for my independent visitor assessment and I knew she would ask me questions about my childhood. When I talked about the issues I had with my Dad, although I love him to bits, I had to swallow down the temptation to cry. But as I talked to the SW I got happier because I was offloading to her for a positive reason – to help kids in care experience happiness and a break from their situation.

Hopefully I will get approved by panel and look forward to helping.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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