Inbetween memories are best

I have been blogging, almost ever day for 3 years now. The main reason for this blog is to raise money for UNICEF, either through my personal challenge of donating £1 for every missed post or through the generous donations of fellow bloggers.

I also hope that when I am very old and Hopefully still gave my marbles, I will have Internet access so that I can reflect on my younger years through my blog posts. I have never been good at keeping a diary, I tried it once for about a month when I was 19 and found it really hard work. However I love reading that month long diary of when I was 19. Things that seemed trivial back then I really enjoy reading now. So much of life you forget, with flashbacks occurring when you chance upon a perfume you used to wear or an item of clothing you see in an old photo. The big moments are retained but all the inbetween bits go missing and may never be rediscovered. I find my mother remembers things I don’t and vice versa – the same can be said of my best friend from school days. She recalls things I had completely and utterly forgotten.

Memories of everyday life are a luxury. Time is short, so to revisit time spent is well worth it. 

Today we had a blissful day on the boat. I flitted from having a doze under the cover of the spray hood, to watching to make sure baby boy didn’t go overboard, to grabbing the tiller while hubby tackled an unwieldy Genoa. We then washed the whole experience down with a chilled glass of wine (me), cider (hubby) and apple juice (children). My daughter had fun jumping into the sea off the side of the boat and my son squealed with laughter watching her. Good times. 

Hope y’all had good Sunday’s too.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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