Psyched for Monday

Missed blog post last night due to a rare date night out down to the coast. Enjoyed a meal out by the harbour watching the sunset – just what the doctor ordered. Particularly after a day that felt like a relay race of getting to and from motorbike garages, family gatherings, leisure centres and town halls. By the time my Mum arrived hubby and I just wanted to go to bed and sleep in a dark room. But we managed to get a second wind after a walk along the shoreline – the sea always gives me a break from life, work and worries.

I’ve got that typical Monday morning dread now. It’s come to quick. Had enough of working full-time and seeing my kids part-time. Particularly for a job that has no purpose.

My daughter has 2 years of primary school left and my son has one year left before he starts school. For me I feel my life and the life of my family is on fast forward and I’m not getting the chance to press pause. 

Typical Sunday night making random selections on Spotify – Avril Lavigne to Hole – they should psych test that selection.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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