stepping up to social work…..

Two days to go until my assessment day for the Step Up to Social Work programme and. I am getting excited for what lies in store. I am not anxious (not yet anyway).

Hubby is getting jittery, reminding me that I have a perfectly good job to stay in  and that it pays well. Why is it that every time he says this I get a sick feeling in my stomach and I instantly want to distance myself from him?

This is not a healthy reaction but I feel that (once again) he is trying to steer me  down a path that he prefers. He has been doing this unwittingly since I was I my late teens and I have been trying and failing to resist ever since. 

I feel he is just waiting for the right reason to Kaibosh all my plans and he is keeping his fingers crossed that something will come up that will mean I can’t continue.

It’s horrible knowing someone you love doesn’t want you to do the thing you know you will love (but at times also find tough).

We shall just have to see how it goes.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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