sleepwalking society

Crisis warns the UK is ‘sleepwalking’ into a homelessness crisis….

More than 93,000 children in England are living in temporary accommodation, the highest level since 2008, according to government figures. They include more than 2,500 families with children who are staying in bed and breakfast-style accommodation. This was 35% more than a year earlier. Overall the number of households, including those without children, accepted as homeless by their council has risen 8% across England and 9% in London, statistics from the DCLG showed. Ministers said more than £500m was available to support homeless families. Campaigners warned that the figures show that local authorities were running out of capacity to house families in need, with Jon Sparkes, the chief executive of Crisis, warning that England is “sleepwalking into a homelessness crisis”.

With right to buy schemes squeezing out families in need of housing, being sent out of their council homes on lucrative land and pushed further afield, what kind of society are we travelling towards other than a very negatively segregated one?

This blog is for UNICEF, thanks for reading.


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