What I like when getting old

There is something about getting older that changes some of the things you like and dislike.

I am not talking about knick knacks – bizarrely I have always liked collecting little trinkets to gather dust, ever since I was a kid. I have noticed my daughter has the same bug, which makes dusting her dresser and shelves very very tricky. Good job I don’t do it that often.

No, my obsession since hitting my 30s is as follows:

– hand cream (my search for the elusive moisturising cream that lasts a long time and smells divine continues)

– interior decorating and ceramics. I enjoy reading Country Living (although confess it slipped into my bag at self checkout when I saw the price!!)

– fabrics, towels, tablecloths

– cream teas and herbal teas

However, I also like:

– motorbikes

– Motorsport in general

– roller coasters 

– blokey, explosions every 5 seconds movies

I am a self confessed ‘oddball’ but that’s just me.

My downfall is all of this is expensive, typically. Which is why it helps to be into these things when you are slightly older and (hopefully) have a bit more pocket money.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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