the problem is….where do I begin

Today’s problems sending this country backwards are mostly…

Partly due to a bigoted and ruthless approach to immigration….

‘The Royal College of Nursing has warned that thousands of foreign nurses working in junior posts in the UK could be forced to return home under new immigration rules. A new migrant pay threshold means non-European workers will have to leave the UK after six years if they are not earning at least £35,000. The RCN said the rules would “cause chaos” for the NHS and waste money spent on recruitment.’

If I was foreign I would have left this country years ago as it has taken me 18 years to reach this figure – another sign of a Goverrnment completely out of touch with large sections of society.

Mainly due to a Government that wishes us to return to a period when you either earnt money or you died in poverty. Understand where they are coming from but it isn’t real life – what happens to the children brought up with low earnings (who are they trying to kid suggesting wages will go up and taxes will go down)  arrogant bloomin Tories!!!

‘David Cameron will today confirm a further £12bn of cuts to the welfare budget. The Prime Minister will use a speech to say that the Conservatives will encourage hundreds of thousands of people into work by transforming Britain “from a low-wage, high-tax, high-welfare society to a higher-wage, lower-tax, lower-welfare society”. In response, Labour leadership frontrunner Andy Burnham pledged to oppose any attempt to cut benefits for the disabled or tax credits for those on low incomes. The Guardian says savings are most likely to come at the expense of working-age young people, families with children, and people on housing benefit, while the Independent quotes a warning from the Chartered Institute of Housing, which argues larger families could be priced out of their current homes because they would not be left with enough money to cover their rent.’

As per my previous paragraph, surprise, surprise this is the consequence…

‘Leading charities are warning that child poverty is on course for the biggest rise in a generation, reversing the steady improvements of the last two decades. Calculations from the IFS have suggested that progress between the late 1990s and 2010 has been reversed and that the number of children living in relative poverty rose from 2.3m in 2013 to 2.6m 2014. The introduction of the bedroom tax and cuts in benefits between 2013 and last year are blamed for fuelling the rise, and the Child Poverty Action Group has warned that the problem looks certain to grow for several more years with the government committed to a further £12bn of benefit cuts.’

On a lighter note, but not light enough, here, here to clover who wants to let the grass grow and save the bees – how much Government money could be saved from a reduction in grass cutting?

‘Charles Clover urges councils to refrain from cutting back verges in June. He says such action suppresses wild flowers, bees and birds, and ignores the pollinator strategy launched last November, which stresses the need to protect the 1,500-odd species of bees, moths and butterflies that populate verges.’

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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