going under for better outcomes

My poor dog has been spayed. It was a tough decision but readers of this blog will know the issues we have had. 

She was so excited to be travelling with me in the car, without her Mum, thinking she was on a special outing. It reminds me of a doggy birthday card you can get with a picture of a dog gazing out of the car window chanting to himself ‘park not vets…..park not vets’.

She was still excited when we walked into the vets. It wasn’t until the nurse came to take her away that she started to try and follow me and was straining against the lead as I walked out.

Made me recall how my Mum in Law must have felt when she took the family Labrador to the vets to be put to sleep when he was diagnosed with leaukeamia. My father in law encouraged her to hand the dog over and just leave. I can’t believe he insisted that she do that – that must have been so hard to watch her dog be led away knowing that was the last time she was ever going to see him. As hard as it would have been, I would stay with them until the end.

I watched a documentary about human euthanasia, where people go to Switzerland to end their lives. I never forget watching an old man and his wife go to the Swiss clinic having taken the decision after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He wanted to do it, but it must have been incredibly difficult for his wife as she sat next to him while he drank the lethal cocktail. Particularly when he flinched slightly and reached out before he took his last gasp. The finality of death is incomprehensible.

All these thoughts went through my head after leaving the vets. Afterwards when she returned home she was clearly in pain and wouldn’t eat. Thankfully she is almost back to normal having taken painkillers and eaten a diet of scrambled egg and chicken. Just have to wait for the stitches to heal now. Then it will be the turn of her mother so that we can hopefully get rid of the female hormones that cause the fights.

Hormones are a bitch.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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