a day well spent 

One in 20 children in England was referred to social services last year, figures from the NSPCC disclose. The charity found that social services departments dealt with just under 660,000 referrals from neighbours, teachers, medical staff and other members of the public about the welfare of 570,800 children in the 12 months to March 2014. It also revealed that the number of children in the child protection system has risen by 80% in the past 12 years.
These statistics demonstrate that as a society we are taking child protection seriously and are acknowledging that it is a responsibility for all of us. 

I had a fascinating day today learning about the role of independent visitors and had the chance to meet a child from a children’s home and her visitor. They were clearly very much enjoying one another’s company. I must admit the visitor was such a lovely lady, I would have enjoyed going out and having fun with her as a child myself. Despite having 8 grandchildren, this lovely lady still found time and room in her heart to help make life enjoyable for another child who deserved a break from the children’s home – what a lady.

I have submitted my application form and it will take about 6 months to go through the approval process and I can’t wait to be matched with a child and share monthly outings with them

There may be times when they don’t want to go with me or they might be stroppy or upset but that’s all good in the Indy visitor of – after a lifetime of adults either disappointing them or telling them what to do, it’s no wonder reactions are varied. But those that want it benefit hugely from the experience and make friends for many many years.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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