property and pirates

Some interesting local government headlines over the weekend …

This one I agree with, if the developments near us are anything to go by – the house builders equivalent of Tescos ‘pile em high and sell em cheap’ except the boxes they call houses aren’t even cheap..

property shortage putting pressure on villages

Hugo Cox in the FT examines how the shortage of housing in Britain is putting pressure on rural communities to accommodate new homes. Noel Farrar, president of the Landscape Institute, paints a bleak picture of the future of Britain’s villages. He says in the future, local councils, leaned on by a central government zealous to meet housing targets, will sign off greenfield developments when suitable brownfield land exists. A move, he says, which will lead developers to line featureless cul-de-sacs with identikit houses. Mr Farrar comments: “Modern examples of beautiful villages? I struggle to find any. Developments are laid out to get the greatest number of houses on a plot requiring the least amount of public space and ongoing upkeep. We will look back in 2050 and ask ourselves, ‘What have we done?” (Financial Times, Page: 15)

And then news of expensive pirate antics in Cornwall..

probe launched into Penzance pirate overspend

An investigation has been launched into how Penzance Town Council spent £56,056 on attempting to break a pirate fancy dress world record as part of its 400-year charter celebrations in 2014, despite its agreed budget being £20,000. Mayor David Nesbesnuick called the overspend a “sorry business”, and has promised a full, transparent investigation.

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