Society stuck in neutral….worse, reverse

There are some events in society that don’t seem to move forward through history, or if they do its just marginal.

Last night I watched some TV – a rare occurrence as I don’t usually have the time to spare. I try to avoid the news as it gets me down – the same problems but no solutions. In this case migrants still fleeing Africa, boats rescuing them only to apply for asylum and then, for many, deported back to their no hope country of origin. Will there ever be a time when Africa is governed responsibly, without corruption, war and an economy and programme of development that gives communities a chance to live without suffering? 

One Mum had risked everything putting her four children in a dangerous inflatable overloaded boat to cross miles and miles of sea to get to Italy. She was also pregnant. How desperate must it be that she is willing to make that sacrifice. The traffickers are of course being reckless with the lives of children, adults and the elderly and their conscience is no bigger than a molecule BUT they are providing desperate people with an option, albeit a desperate one. It’s alright for Cameron to say the problems need to be solved in the country the people are trying to flee – OK then Cameron what are you doing about it? Chances are it will take at least a decade to solve some of the problems – time these people don’t have. Countries need to work together to sort this problem rather than pass the buck. That’s why coming out of the EU is really a step backward in the progression of worlds society working together.

I then watched a documentary about The Met police and the clashes with ethnic minorities and the fact that despite London being a multi-cultural society, the vast majority of police officers are white, which makes tensions worse. They filmed a police and community crime panel in a London borough and it was a shambles. The senior police officers were all sat behind a table above the community on a stage flanked by other white middle class staff who clearly didn’t have a clue that they may be perceived as elitist by the community – hardly a message of working together. Predictably they were heckled by a community that were angered at the disrespect shown by the police towards them.

After watching this last night, you would be forgiven for believing no progress had been made since the 60s. For someone who cares what world we will leave for the next generation, it is disturbing viewing.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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