Clashing with the alpha male

I fell asleep catching up on pre-race TT footage last night so £1 in the pot to UNICEF for a missed blog.

I am one of the mainstream inspired to follow the TT after watching Guy Martin in The film TT Closer to the edge. I have been hooked ever since. One day I will go there but until then very happy to follow as an armchair enthusiast. Was amazed that Michael Dunlop was able to send his team packing when their bike wouldn’t come up with the goods. Then get on the blower to order another bike in. ImAgine that in F1 – it’s unheard of – if you sign a contract that’s it. Not good PR for the Yamaha R1.

Good to lose myself in bikes at the mo as hubby and I are having another ding dong, surprise surprise – over money. What couple doesn’t argue over money? I am from the school of thought ‘spend it while you have got it as money is no good in a cold hand’ (within reason) but hubby takes pleasure in stockpiling it in a savings account where it earns next to nothing in interest. I feel guilty spending money on food so feel like it is sacrilege to buy something because I or we would like it. I dared to do just that today when I happened upon a brilliant Bluetooth speaker set for £80. The sound quality is amazing and means we can enjoy spotify etc with a decent sound quality rather than the tinny sound you get on the iPad and computer – plus it’s handy to have for parties and get togethers. As I am typing this I feel guilty for buying it, even though the kids were boogying away earlier and my daughter successfully paired it to all our devices. My husband on the other hand is acting like I frittered our life savings away and is angry that I didn’t ask him first (for the precise reason that he would have said no). In fact, he says no most of the time and is a little bit of a dictator in our household (growing up my Dad was so laid back he was almost horizontal so it is a bit of a shock handling a bossy alpha male). Thing is I don’t play the submissive wife role very well and every now and then have to do the odd rebellious act. Why is it I feel like his teenage daughter sometimes rather than his wife – I have earned the money so why shouldn’t I?

Arrrghhh men!!!!

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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