Sight for sore eyes

I left work yesterday after an 8.5 hour day staring at my computer with my new glasses. The glasses are brilliant. I don’t have a particularly high prescription but boy do they help. But, when I take them off to go home my eyes start weeping. By the time I was 5 minutes down the road on my bike I could barely keep my eyes open and went round a roundabout with 1 eye open. By the time I got home my eye,s felt like they had been held open with matchsticks for 5 nights straight. So that’s why I didn’t blog last night, because I couldn’t face looking at another screen. So £1 in the pot to UNICEF.

Today there was a lot of commentary about the impact of budget cuts on care provision – here is why: 

The annual study from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services has warned that budget cuts and cost savings within the care sector are threatening to drive private care agencies and care homes out of business, depriving councils of a much-needed service. ADASS also warns that older people, those with learning difficulties and people with mental health problems may be in jeopardy as a cut of £1.1bn is planned for 2015/16. The report says that as it is the responsibility of local authorities, social care has not seen the same protection from public spending cuts that the NHS is afforded and has thus seen budgets cut by around 31% since 2010 as councils saw their overall budgets cut by 40%. The report adds that councils have tried to prioritise care services as best possible but that process may be nearing “the end of the road” as budgets are stretched. The issue has been compounded by staff shortages as the sector finds it increasingly difficult to attract staff when many agencies say they can only offer minimum wage. Simon Williams, from Merton Council in south London, said: “As the economy picks up they are finding it harder and harder to recruit.”

We have a duty to protect vulnerable people and this goes significantly against this duty.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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