Make sense of this….

Proof the current Government takes the environment seriously in the following reports:

A new government report warns that extreme summer temperatures will, in five years’ time, cause the deaths of up to 1,700 more Britons a year. The new Heatwave Plan for England comes as the Meteorological Office starts 24-hour monitoring for signs of a heatwave.


The government is planning to curtail wind farm subsidies, the Sunday Telegraph has learnt. It says the Renewables Obligation scheme will end earlier than expected, effectively preventing thousands of turbines from being built, under proposals being considered by Amber Rudd, the new Energy Secretary. Ms Rudd has also promised to strip her department of its power to force through large wind-farm projects against local opposition.

I would suggest Ms Rudd is rudderless when it comes to supporting renewable energy.

And another example….

The £175m proposal for a garden bridge on the Thames has come under criticism for its cost, location and design. Sir John Tusa, former managing director of the Barbican arts centre, said the bridge “sounds like a colossal vanity project,” while the author Iain Sinclair said the plans should be left in the catalogue of “unbuilt folly.

And While money is spent on a pointless garden in the capital…..

The Sunday Times reports that Iain Duncan Smith has instructed civil servants to draw up plans for fresh reductions in child and housing benefit as the government seeks a further £12bn in welfare savings. The paper says the work and pensions secretary has asked officials to “model” the effects of several different cuts ahead of the budget on July 8, when the chancellor, George Osborne, will present the details. The proposals include plans to cap the number of children for which child benefit is paid to two which would save around £1bn a year. A cap at three children, favoured by some in the Treasury, will also be considered.

Another sign of our country going backwards under the Tories……

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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