House but where’s the garden? 

Today we managed to stay one step Ahead of the British weather. As Brits we are very proud of the fact that despite the weather being mostly wet this Sunday, we managed to squeeze in a social BBQ in our garden late afternoon when the sun decided to make an appearance. At about 5pm it was so sunny (after a day of cloud and rain) that we almost felt a tan coming on. It was a case of buy all the kit for the BBQ then text friends nearer the time as soon as the forecast showed signs of clearing.

After a dismal wet midday, we were sipping beer and wine, enjoying a charcoaled meat feast with the children eating as much as they like in between bouncing on the trampoline (although not necessarily in that order) followed by ice cream, chocolate sauce for the kids and our friend’s Ferrero Roche cheesecake for the grown up kids. 

Times like these when you love having children and friends – no moaning, whining or tears – just pleasure. It makes life’s lows a little easier to bear. It also made me realise the importance of outside space, particularly for children and how not enough families have access to a decent bit of green. 

We past some new build houses earlier today, some of them had postage stamp gardens and some had nothing at all. I know land is scarce but do house builders really have to be so stingy with gardens? The next generation need to have easy access to the outside, more so than previous generations with the overwhelming temptation to scare at screens all day.

There is much talk of providing homes for people but what about gardens, parks and leisure space too? 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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