calming an irritable bitch (dog)

Aunt Irma is thinking about paying a visit, I can tell because I am feeling pent up, bordering on aggressive, have spots appearing and feel like raiding the biscuit tin. Not good.

I now have an inkling as to what my JR was going through last week with all her growling and picking fights with her mum, and my husband. I am desperate to keep her rather than re-home because of behavioural issues. In a way I can relate to her and know it’s not her fault, it just the damn hormone fluctuations us bitches have to ride through.

On the advice of the dog behaviourist, last time we had this spell I used a calming collar which gives off the smell of a lactating bitch (although we can’t smell it). When I went to the pet food store today they had run out of the collars but they did have the spray. It basically comes in an eau de toilette bottle and a few squirts around dog bedding/ car etc helps to calm nerves. So I squirted some of this on their dog beds and you could tell they had noticed from all the sniffing my two JRs were doing soon after.

Whether it will work only time will tell – I just wish they did a version for humans – but maybe with a different smell to milky boobs…..eurgh! Maybe Jo Malone should do some research into it – the right product would fly off the shelves.

This blog is for UNICEF, thanks for reading. 


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