Doing the right thing is the hardest thing

Apologies for my missed post last night but I could not think of anything inspired to say other than ‘I am a zombie’. So £1 in pot to UNICEF.

I can’t do the post without mentioning that I saw Julie Walters in our local coffee shop today. She looked fabulous and very petite in every way.

I subscribe to word of the day at work and today it was ‘bucolic’ – which relates to the pleasant and idyllic aspects of rural life. Although I like the description, I don’t like the word sounds too close to ‘bubonic’ (plague) and the nasty tummy problem ‘colic’. English is a weird language.

I am once again having to contempl ate re-homing my youngest dog. We have had a dog behaviourist in the past to work out the aggressive rivalry that exists between her and her mother (where they have fights that draw blood). We changed their diet and this helped. But yesterday they had a fight in the car, my husband intervened and the youngest dog bit his hand badly, it was bloody and went through to the bone. Although he says he shouldn’t have put his hand in to the crate where they were fighting in the car boot, it still shouldn’t have happened – particularly not that bad.

My Mum has a friend who adores Jack Russell’s, so I have contacted her as I know my little dog would be in the lap of luxury there and as there are no children or other dogs, she would have the lifestyle she deserves.

Our life has changed so much and our dogs have just been expected to change to accommodate and this has had detrimental effects, so why shouldn’t she be given an alternative option that suits her character better?

It won’t stop me from missing her though….

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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