one woman one moto

I only run once a week. But even so I am hooked. So much so I was having withdrawal symptoms when I couldn’t run on Friday because my hubby was driving our boat (hitched on a trailer) to its new buyer in Ireland. 

So, I went running tonight after putting the children to bed and came back wheezing like an old granny and puffing on my inhalers. The air was loaded with pollen and my laboured breathing had loaded my chest with the stuff. So note to self, don’t run in the evening when the air smells sweet and there is hardly any wind.

But that’s enough about me. I want to share the story of @onewomanonemoto – Steph Jeavons adventure navigating the globe on a Honda motorbike – go girl! See her blog here – In addition to breaking records she is fundraising for Rally4life – a charity committed to relieving poverty round the world. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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