Is there a word for a love of words?

I have a thing for words. send me a daily email with a word for the day. Today’s was ‘scroop’ – a grating sound basically. I like it, it’s quite a satisfying word and you can imagine a wobbly gate making a scroop against a footpath as you try to wedge it open.

I am pleased to see my daughter is enjoying words. I am reading a Jacqueline Wilson book at the moment called Opal Plumstead. Every bedtime I quietly say to Jacqueline ‘thank you’ for putting in some brilliant words. I can’t read two sentences without my daughter suddenly stopping me and saying ‘wait I just want to write it down’. They sound so good when you read them out loud. Which is why bedtime stories are so good because if my daughter was reading the book to herself she would probably skip the word not knowing how to pronounce it or what it means. When you are reading it out loud you say the word how it should be read and through intonation it helps with understanding. Words she has stopped me so that she could write them down include: fixated, astronomical and ostentatious. 

Even my 3 year old son enjoys reading, even though he can’t read yet and thinks letters are numbers. To help him I bought some cereal shaped in letters and to my pleasure he spotted the first letter of his name.

Numbers are a bit more of a challenge. Anything in a book that I have the chance to count, I count – flowers, tractors, birds. I can’t tell whether he isn’t a numbers person or whether he is taking the mick, as he skips out quite a few numbers saying random ones and then grinning up at me with a cheesy grin. The more I say 3 after 2 he jumps to 4.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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