Food, glorious expensive food

I can see why we have food banks in this country now.

I asked my Mum whether she had ever known, in her lifetime, public collections of food in local supermarkets. She said no. I certainly can’t recall it in my lifetime.

I have two children and struggle to keep up with their appetite. I’m even breathing a sigh of relief that our childminder is giving them supper during the week. This has a significant effect on our monthly food bills. We are also making lunches for work as a loaf of bread costs less than the price of a shop bought sandwich, even in subsidised prices.

Although I like my food, I resent paying a high price for it. Yet with inflation rising above earnings, the cost of remaining nourished is having a major impact on budgets. 

So what must it be like for people on the breadline? Families who are on the minimum wage with 2 or more children?

Parents must groan every time their child complains they are hungry.

I think this is a sad state of affairs with children suffering the most and I hope this doesn’t continue. what would it take to reverse the issue?

This blog is for unicef.

Thanks for reading. 


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