let the petitions roll-in – more than 37% against ridiculous policies

I have only recently unleashed the data capacity on my phone, because it had been costing me a packet. Now I am working full time, the chance to be able to check my personal emails in my lunch break relieves the pressure of trying to do it all in an evening.

Best of all is the ability to lobby and campaign quickly and efficiently. Predictably with this new Government the petitions have started to roll in. In my lunch break I signed two petitions then tweeted out to my followers in less than the time it took to eat my sandwich. There is no excuse for apathy in the face of bad political decisions and humanitarian issues.

The first vitally important protest I put my name to was the vote to keep the Human Rights Act – which the government is threatening to abolish – I cannot think of one good reason why they would want to do that. Maybe it costs a lot of public money to administer?

The second petition is the ban on fox hunting – for gods sake keep the ban. It is not only for the sake of our wildlife but it really is a classic case of class wars and we don’t need that again. As I put on the petition – only 37% voted for a Tory Government so best of British luck getting that repeal David..

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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