Democracy is dead, long live escapism

It’s going to be a tough 5 years ahead if the Conservative manifesto is anything to go by. £12 billion in local authority cuts – what more do they need to ‘bleed’ from local services. Let alone investment….

So while I quietly stew at our crap democracy (because quietly stew is what us Brits do best), I seek escapism in anything other than politics and temporarily forget that we have a class system and a society that puts personal wealth and the economy above all else.

(Sorry to be so gloomy).

Watching Badminton Horse Trials was one such mode of escapism. Regardless of how elitist equestrian sport is, you have got to admire the guts of both horse and rider. I have ridden horses all my life, but to approach a solid wooden obstacle at a full gallop knowing that if you cock it up you will fall hard, perhaps break something, worst break your neck – requires grande cajones. Professor Sid Watkins, the Formula 1 doctor said that three day eventing was as dangerous, if not more dangerous than F1 racing. 

Enough said.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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