Sunburn, wellies and fancy dress, it must be a British fete

I have my first beetroot face of the year. Volunteered for my son’s pre-school fete and manned the ‘welly wanging’ stall for the day on a sun soaked cricket pitch. Took one glance in the mirror when I returned home and I jumped – red faced and red necked. So busy trying to remember wellies, clipboards and tape measure that I forgot the sun cream (it had been raining and blowing a Gail the day before so can be forgiven for being a pessimist about the sunshine).

I think I was on one of the ‘most exercised’ stall holders, as I ran around gathering wellies, kicking balls back to ‘beat the goalie’ next door and moving the tape measure backwards and forwards as everyone from toddlers to 6 foot tall and 6 foot wide Dads took to throwing wellies. Some wellies went straight, others were thrown backwards nearly into the playground, others very nearly hit people. But everyone kept smiling regardless. There was much discussion as to the physics of launching wellies, decisions were taken whether the child’s size wellie would be better, or the mans size. Some people pulled muscles, others took a run to the launch line, some people swung it vertical like a rocket, others twirled and whirled like they were throwing the hammer. 

Men were my main customers, many returning to better their own best or try and beat the record. At 50p a go, one guy spent £6 trying to win the coveted prize of a box of chocolates. The winner though was the 13 year old boy who ran the beat the goalie stall. He won both the children’s and adults prize ( the chocolate and a cricket set). I think next year I will suggest they divide the children’s age groups between primary and secondary school. As the adults, let alone the children never stood a chance of beating this teenager – he just had the knack of wanging a wellie.

Here’s to good old Eccentric British fetes!

…..and my son danced round the maypole dressed as batman holding the hand of a girl dressed as a dinosaur. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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