dnt underestimate children and their power to tackle world issues

£1 in the pot to Unicef for my missed blog post last night. It was the day of our wedding anniversary. The boy did good with an M &S meal and some flowers  (although couldn’t quite stretch to the card but I’ll let him off). So I felt 30 mins of non-communication while I wrote the blog wouldn’t go down too well.

My daughter has started reading a dedicated childrens newspaper called First. It is like a printed version of CBBC’s Newsroundwith stories on all the world news, including Nepal and the Libyan migrant crisis.

Having read the story my daughter is keen to support relief efforts in Nepal and Is Sponsoring a friend of hers who is dyslexic to a reading challenge to raise money for the disaster emergency appeal. 

Her school is also running a fundraising campaign in response to the children’s   Wish to help.

This is what can be achieved when we engage children in world issues. We should never underestimate children, yet in politics not enough is done to involve the young. We should listen, we might learn something.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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