Campaigning ideology 

Just signed a petition for the UK Government to help with the humanitarian disaster occurring in Yemen. Where conflict is displacing communities who were already vulnerable to begin with – sign the petition here.

Just completed our postal votes. After initially saying I would support Labour, I discovered Miliband supports the Trident contract for £100 billion in nuclear defence. Over my dead body am I citing for that. So I have gone with my heart and voted Green. I know I may have just handed another vote to the Tories, given this ridiculous voting system that we have in this country, but I will not enter into tactical voting, I may as well not bother to vote at all. So I will continue to vote for what I believe in, with the vain hope that voters are doing the same. Vote for the closest match to your ideology , not the best of a bad bunch. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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