mind the gap…..between the Rock and hard place

I have been mostly going out this week, so £2 in the pot to UNICEF in missed blog posts.

I read a quote that said ‘you know when you are a parent when the bins go out more than you do’. 

I can confidently confirm that I have been out more times than my bin this week. Not sure Monday counts as I went to a parish council meeting. I was hardly living it up on Tuesday either, going to a meeting of my school’s pta. 

Last night I met with a former colleague of mine who was hoping to return part-time to work after maternity leave, but she has been told to get on her bike. So now she has been left to fight for the 7 weeks holiday payment she is entitled to. But she is financially crippled after maternity leave and the prospect of not working at all is daunting. So now she is going cap in hand to her boss (my former boss) to see if she can broker a compromise deal.

We have all been there and it ain’t easy because if the cost of childcare. I think more should be done to support working parents. The current Government aren’t doing anywhere near enough in my opinion. Many families are between a rock and a hard place – income squeezed by childcare, but cost of living makes it difficult for one parent to remain at home. So we all are shuffling tentatively sideways through the financial gap and keeping our fingers crossed while we do it.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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