consequences no one should have to suffer

On my lunch break I popped into WH Smith to grab an ink cartridge and walked past the ‘just released’ books on the shelf and saw a book with a picture of a beautiful happy little girl, April Jones. Her picture brings back memories of the posters put up around Wales in the hours after her disappearance but before her murderer was found. Long after the paedophile was arrested, the posters remained as a glimmer of hope against the tragic reality that she was dead. 

The book just published, tells the story of her parent’s emotional journey from discovering she was missing to the trial of her murderer. 

They have since campaigned to change the law and ban online child pornography (I can’t believe it isn’t banned already), to try and prevent such a tragedy happening to another family. They have even stated that paedophiles deserve a second chance IF they get help before they harm or abuse a child. If they don’t, it is too late and they are no longer safe in society. They have also called for sex offenders to be named so that people know if they are living nearby and to be vigilant. 

A tragedy such as April’s is one tragedy too many and I do believe Much more needs to be done to protect families. 

It is sad that we live in a society where we have to be vigilant just in case the worst happens. 

As a child I used to play outside but I have never let my children play out by the front of our house, near a public highway unsupervised – the risk, although statistically small, is still present and the consequences unimaginable.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


One thought on “consequences no one should have to suffer

  1. I believe we as parents need to be vigilant anyway. The ‘named’ paedophiles are only the ones on the register. There’s plenty more out there. Sadly.
    But, as I remind myself frequently, there are lots of good people too. I have to believe that:)

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