A break from tech gives just rewards

I went for a walk by the canal today on my lunch break. The sunshine was pouring down and children, young couples, workers and the elderly were all out on the grassy banks having picnics and generally enjoying the weather. There were a couple of swans nesting on the river bank watched by a couple who had insanely long lenses on their cameras. After I had my sandwich I wandered back a while later and the Mummy swan (or Daddy….I haven’t a clue how to id the sex of a swan) was enjoying diving under the water and letting it run like a river through his (or her) wings. Then the swan reared up above the water and flapped its wings with its feathers just brushing the surface of the water in the most magnificent display of bright whiteI felt bad that I was the only one to have observed this moment ……and I didn’t have a camera. But often the best moments happen when the camera is somewhere else.

In fact, observing the people enjoying relaxing on the banks of the canal, very few were looking at screens or tech, they were just enjoying the world around them.

Although I was tempted to glance at my phone on my break, I didn’t….my reward was the sight of the swan.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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