How to look good after a bike ride…

So I have practiced the dreaded centre-stand on the bike again, watched a video on You Tube for some divine inspiration, namely a woman hauling a big ass bike like she was rocking a cradle. Two successes and I was spent, my dodgy right shoulder can probably cope with 2 manoeuvres per day.

I have worked out how to squidgy my work bag into one of the panniers and it fits. The other pannier is reserved for my work wear. 

Dressing smart underneath biker gear isn’t easy. Thankfully I have large size leather trousers, so I can easily fit another pair of trousers underneath. I have an XL jacket, so I can layer up and just leave the jacket or final work top that I don’t wanna get creased for the other pannier.

The only tricky bit is once I reach work – hauling my work top……oh and shoes (bike boots wouldn’t be a good look)…into the office along with my leathers and helmet. Think it might be easier to have a wardrobe at work.

Not easy to do all this on your first day when you are trying to make a good first impression. Despite my best efforts, I will still look like a large lady in black, possibly a lesbian….possibly construed as a bit of a hardnut….maybe a bit threatening to men in the office. 

That’s before I put my make-up (which I will have to do at work otherwise it will all come off with my helmet).

The joys of biking and womanhood….

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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