Swiss mummy

A Mum looked at me across a table of Mothers Day presents we were wrapping for the school fundraiser, after she had completed her morning shift on the minimum wage at a pre-school. She looked exhausted but still had the patience to fulfil my baby boy’s requests as he was grisly with a cold as well of the needs of her own son.

She said, ‘My only worry used to be what shoes I should wear to walk to work over the Waterloo bridge. Now three children later, I won’t be sitting down for the next 10 years’. Brilliant! Reading this back, it may appear as if she is referring to the long-term side effects of childbirth, but she was really talking about motherhood.

Fitting work in around the kids turns you into a Swiss Army knife but without the mechanical continuity. At some point the late nights trying to reclaim some downtime catch up with you and no sooner the children are in bed, you pass out too.

But the feeling of exhaustion is always diluted by happiness, a sleepy happiness that you have the chance to be a Mum in the first place and all it entails.

It’s just all the other shit that modern day society expects you to do alongside motherhood that makes it exhausting. 

As one of my mugs states, ‘a woman’s work is never done so why start?’ I say, ‘get a man to at least finish it for you, or do 50/50’. I think things have improved but things have also worsened too.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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